Young People

What do the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games Mean to Young People?

‘We want to use the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire children and young people across the UK and around the world. In this section you can find out more about programmes, initiatives and opportunities that have been created especially for children and young people. We want all of these opportunities to spark their imagination and enthusiasm for learning, helping them to realise their potential and engage with other young people right across the globe.’


The Olympic and Paralympic Games will create an unprecedented focus on young people’s participation and engagement, offering a number of opportunities not only within the sporting sector but within the creative and cultural sector. Noticeably there are a number of sporting opportunities currently grabbing attention (please see the sports section for more details), but the Olympic & Paralympic Games will give children and young people so much more than roads into the sporting world. It will provide the opportunity for all young people to become aware of the legacy that surrounds the culture of the 2012 Games and this focus on legacy, beyond the few weeks in summer 2012, offers a chance to embed creative and cultural organisations into the minds of young people forever.

Sidney Storey, Langdon School: I've met Tessa Sanderson, Kelly Holmes, Helen Reaves, people like that and it's so inspired me. Come 2012, I would like to be in the position to be able to compete for kayaking and obviously win a gold medal. That would be just amazing, just to be able to win the gold medal.

Caroline Gray, Langdon School: In the Beijing Olympics, when one of the runners won her race, she was from East London, she was from Stratford and it feels like someone from our area has done something so big, and it's exciting in that now it feels like we can get involved.

Ellie McIntosh: It's about welcoming the world to London for the 2012 Olympics. Even from all the time when it first started, it was all about art and culture. I mean, for example, watch the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, there's nothing but bright colours, art, culture and the history of China. All kinds of things were there and it was just brilliant, and that's how we want to make sure how England is remembered.

Natalie Moore, London 2012 Education team: I worked quite closely with the British Olympic Foundation. They chose me to represent Team GB at the Beijing Olympic Youth Camp this year. Since then I've also been chosen to go out to Korea to represent sort of the youth of the world at the IOC World Forum. Since being here my confidence has been boosted by, well, a load. I would never have been in front of the camera right now.

Sally Nguyen: It hasn't changed my life, it's made my life.

Mohammed Khan, Langdon School: It's so close you can almost feel it in your heart.

Whats on Offer in Winchester?

Sports Activities – In the build up to the summer of 2012 there are a number of sports activities that will be on offer to young people. Please access the Sports page for more information on all of the sport and physical activities that we currently offer within Winchester District.

2011 Personal Bests - This year the personal bests programme will see a small scale year 4 Olympic event consisting of 6 activites with over 30 schools in the Winchester district taking part. The scoring will be based on the amout by which a child has improved their own personal score. To measure this, the children will attempt the events twice over the course of the year until the final event where their final and intial scores will be compared.  This will mean that all levels are able to compete regardless of disability and that the winner will not be the child with the greatest ability but rather who has improved the most. 

2012 Schools Festival – Working in partnership with Toynbee, Hamble & Perins School Sports Partnerships we will aim to deliver a festival for schools to celebrate the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. More information will follow!


2012 Parish Event – A district wide event that will bring the power of the Olympics to Winchester District by involving a number of parishes in sports and cultural activities. This event will be aimed at young people, adults and families and will celebrate the immenence of the Olympics in 2012. More information will follow!