One Planet

Shrinking your Carbon Footprint

Winchester needs to take action on reducing carbon emissions.

Globally, leaders will be setting challenging targets when they meet in Copenhagen this December. Nationally, the Government has just published its plans to cut the UK’s carbon footprint. Locally, the big organisations - Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council, the health service, University of Winchester, the North Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and local businesses – have agreed to work together to cut their carbon footprint.

Action by local people is needed too. To play your part, here are ten BIG things you can do.

Ten BIG things you can do

1. Don’t be a flight addict

2. Insulate your home thoroughly

3. Use your heating controls smartly

4. Rethink how you get about - share your car, use public transport, walk or cycle more

5. Avoid wasting food

6. Eat less red meat

7. Switch to a “green” electricity tariff – to find out more, visit

8. Switch electrical appliances off at the wall

9. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

10. Use your influence – with family, friends and colleagues

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